...We went for dinner in this restaurant and we were very well received, the place is just gorgeous, so original and so tastefully decorated. Bravo for the ideas to the owner!
The food very good, good products, good wine, I highly recommend this place!
The people working there also very nice and kind.
I will go back any time!”

Eveline85, Bucharest

Casa e Bottega: un locale allegro e bellissimo, l’arredamento è un’incredibile fusione di meraviglie. La cucina è in prevalenza ligure, sapida e di classe. Ottime le materie prime, ottimi gli abbinamenti, ottime le cotture”

Giorgio R. – Milano

...il sapore indimenticabile di una cucina semplice ma allo stesso tempo ricercata, il particolare che rende unica l’esperienza del gusto”

Clarissa, Venezia

…perché Dolceacqua e i suoi dintorni sono bellissimi in sé, ma avere come corollario un luogo speciale come Casa e Bottega la rende il top!”

Andrea e Veronica

Perché non soggiornare qualche giorno a Dolceacqua nella nostra casa vacanze recentemente rinnovata, VICOLO ROSSO 2

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Valeria e Fabrizio

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Patrice CazalsPatrice Cazals
12:13 07 Nov 23
Mickael HMickael H
17:06 03 Nov 23
Restaurant with a small menu, a guarantee of freshness and quality, as well as 3 menus for all budgets. We got it for less than €35 per person for an aperitif, main course and dessert. The products are local and it shows. All the staff are very welcoming and speak impeccable French or English for those who do not speak Italian. Not to spoil anything, the outdoor terrace has a beautiful view of the old town.Reservations recommended or arrive before midday for lunch.
Luisella MancaLuisella Manca
18:05 01 Nov 23
nico la marcanico la marca
16:31 01 Nov 23
Venise violiVenise violi
14:43 15 Oct 23
In my opinion the best spaghetti all vongole
Javier AlonsoJavier Alonso
13:33 06 Oct 23
I liked it a lot. The delicious food and the spectacular view: a medieval bridge, an old castle, churches... all together! I really enjoyed this day and this restaurant. I hope to return.
anita caruanaanita caruana
11:20 28 Sep 23
Informal service and always attentive to customer needs. Excellent food, I will definitely return. Excellent staff
Pierino P.Pierino P.
18:46 27 Sep 23
The restaurant serves excellent Ligurian cuisine, including those from the hinterland. Exceptional red rabbit. Good value for money.
shoshi greenbergshoshi greenberg
14:23 27 Sep 23
Maurilio RigolettoMaurilio Rigoletto
16:59 22 Sep 23
Gianni MelilliGianni Melilli
07:11 21 Sep 23
Everything super!!!
Francesco FrangFrancesco Frang
05:35 19 Sep 23
Martine INAUDIMartine INAUDI
12:28 18 Sep 23
Refused at 1 p.m. when several customers were going to finish and vacate the table. We could have at least been offered to wait 15 minutes 😔
Romey MarioRomey Mario
05:55 16 Sep 23
Simply wonderful, a point of reference for those looking for REAL Ligurian food. We'll see you again soon.
Valerio GrimaldiValerio Grimaldi
15:34 15 Sep 23
Review number 1002 💪Well done!
Fabio BlofeldFabio Blofeld
07:29 14 Sep 23
Didier RebuffatDidier Rebuffat
20:35 11 Sep 23
Warm welcome, succulent cuisine, pleasant decor, an unmissable address!
Mattia CairoliMattia Cairoli
11:57 11 Sep 23
Sabrina FurinaSabrina Furina
11:29 11 Sep 23
The best spaghetti with clams I've ever eatenBut the rest is no joke either.Top Service!
Ilaria PossamaiIlaria Possamai
11:45 10 Sep 23
Giuseppe FalzoneGiuseppe Falzone
05:48 10 Sep 23
One of the best restaurants in the valley.High quality food, very kind staff, honest prices.Every year during the holidays it is now a fixed stop.Highly recommended!!!
Carmen NuzzuCarmen Nuzzu
15:12 09 Sep 23
Marianna BernardiMarianna Bernardi
08:09 06 Sep 23
Luca Dal BenLuca Dal Ben
22:20 04 Sep 23
Exceptional quality and generous portions
Vito StrivezzaVito Strivezza
16:27 03 Sep 23
Gloria CoronaGloria Corona
07:55 03 Sep 23
Excellent value for money, the vegetarian menu was a revelation, really good dishes never tried! Fast and courteous staff and then in the background the village of dolceacqua... a real gem😊
Sabrina BellettiSabrina Belletti
21:42 01 Sep 23
Good restaurant with few dishes but of excellent quality
silva casapierisilva casapieri
16:09 01 Sep 23
Staff available and attentive to customer needs. Excellent food
Fiammetta GiocondiFiammetta Giocondi
08:04 01 Sep 23
teo redteo red
22:46 31 Aug 23
Laura LucattelliLaura Lucattelli
15:31 30 Aug 23
Restaurant in the square of Dolceacqua. The inside is really cute. The dehor allows you to enjoy the view of the "old" part of the village ... a show. But let's get to the food. There were three of us and we had spaghetti alla chitarra with Ligurian pesto (simple but delicious), brandacujun or a typical dish based on stockfish (excellent) and tonnarelli with anchovies and lemon scent (superlatives). My husband had the rabbit with Dolceacqua rossese sauce, which was also excellent. Honest prices because really excellent quality. Friendly staff and quick to serve. Highly recommended
roberta modenaroberta modena
21:34 29 Aug 23
Alessia P.Alessia P.
16:37 29 Aug 23
Great restaurant, we ate very well! Quick, polite and well trained staff. We took a seafood tasting menu consisting of an appetizer (brandacujun), first course and dessert.Everything was excellent! I venture to say that I ate here the best pasta with clams ever. Note on the dessert: banana and chilli ice cream with salted caramel ... a crazy balance of flavors. I will definitely be back! Well done!
Brandon WhitcherBrandon Whitcher
18:54 24 Aug 23
Excellent Ligurian cuisine and very kind service. A lovely place for lunch in Dolceacqua when we're picking up our favorite rossese
elena viganòelena viganò
08:00 24 Aug 23
Carlos RamirezCarlos Ramirez
05:02 24 Aug 23
Linda SavoldelliLinda Savoldelli
14:50 19 Aug 23
Lara “Larillina”Lara “Larillina”
07:38 18 Aug 23
Great food, I'll be back
Gabrielle LoboGabrielle Lobo
17:55 05 Jun 23
My tip is, AVOID THIS PLACE. It is simply NOT WORTH THE STRESS.Never have I been so mistreated and humiliated - for absolutely no reason - like I did in this horrid place.My ZERO STAR review isn’t related to the food, as no complaints there, but the service and treatment of the manager/owner Marco was so bad it has left me and my friend speechless for days.
Luiza HerdyLuiza Herdy
22:10 04 Jun 23
Avoid at all costs!!I have travelled across all continents, visited many cities and countless restaurants, foodie as I am.Never have I been so mistreated and humiliated - for absolutely no reason - like I did in this horrid place.My ZERO STAR review isn’t related to the food, as no complaints there, but the service and treatment of the manager/owner Marco was so bad it has left me and my friend speechless for days.Long story short: as soon as we sat down bread was put on our table, as usual. We asked for a little bit of olive oil, as anyone would, as we browsed the menu. We were told only after we ordered, and also told the restaurant would close in +/- 15 min, so we opted for a quick main and ordered.Again, asked for the olive oil. We were given two drops each, which naturally were soaked up with the first bite. Uncomfortably, we asked for a bit more, as they were clearly being stingy with it and not leaving at the table.We were then met by the most unreal rudeness I’ve ever witnessed in a restaurant. We were told by the son of the owner that we’d been trying to eat bread for free, that we should order a starter if we’re hungry. He went on and on, trying to - for whatever reason- humiliate us, saying we had asked for olive oil six times, etc etc. Excuse me, but why do you serve your customers bread if you’re so unhappy for the customers to eat it? Just bizarre.The rudeness did not stop there and completely spoilt our lunch and day. We could turn to no one, as this place is clearly owned & managed by brutes.Judging by MANY other reviews with similar issues, I’m sure I’ll get a nasty answer from someone in that place. Which I shall not read to not further stress myself.My tip is, AVOID THIS PLACE. It is simply NOT WORTH THE STRESS.Owners: please take a class in customer service.
Italy UnfilteredItaly Unfiltered
12:21 23 May 23
Had a nice lunch. I had the veal and potatoes stack as in photo. The meat was cooked to perfection and the potatoes too. The staff was engaged and welcoming. Service was quick. But again the quality of the dishes ( there was 6 of us) was excellent
Melina WatrigantMelina Watrigant
10:29 14 Nov 22
Fabulous food and service. Incredible lunch on the terrace in November!
Thien Lan WeberThien Lan Weber
14:52 19 Jul 22
Best view ever. Amazing service, awesome food, especailly the pasta that were so fresh! Loved every bit of it.
20:24 10 May 22
Great food, great view over the river and the village, great service. The ice cream with chestnut honey and the strawberry 🍓 sorbet is to die for. Don't miss to order the potatoes baked in the oven as a side dish! I visited the restaurant after the lockdown and it is even better! Loved every bite!💖👌
An extraordinary dinner at Casa e Bottega, made up of fine cuisine and lovely service in the romantic village of DolceAcqua.
Lucien OpplerLucien Oppler
16:24 06 Apr 22
Really great meal at Casa Bottega... All the food was excellent, the portion sizes large(!) and the service was very friendly and helpful. Will be returning again and agai , I foresee.
Paulina HargasovaPaulina Hargasova
20:46 13 Nov 21
Love the vibes, very nice cozy arty deco, amazing attentive staff (talking English, Italian, French…) and delicious food. We will definitely come back!

Un ristorante di classe che coniuga la semplicità con l’innovazione mantenendo il suo alto livello e mettendo a proprio agio anche i clienti meno preparati. Definirei senza paura questo ristorante un’opera d’arte”

Alessia, Londra

…gli spaghetti croccanti al nero di seppia con salsa aiolì: più che un piatto, un’esperienza mistica.
La salsa all’aglio viene portata a parte ma, sarete stati avvertiti al momento dell’ordinazione ‘è obbligatorio aggiungerla nel piatto’. Raccomandazione superflua per noi che l´abbiamo mangiata tutta col pane prima che arrivassero la padella con gli spaghetti!!!”

Rachele, Ancona

…un’apparente accozzaglia di mobili ed oggetti vari ed eventuali; in realta c’è sotto un sapiente lavoro di ricerca del dettaglio ed il risultato finale è veramente piacevole.
Il menù e la presentazione dei piatti seguono a ruota questa ‘filosofia del caos’ rendendo la cena divertente oltre che buona”

Halo V.

Li avevo lasciati a Bordighera, nel loro ristorante sul mare, e li ho ritrovati qui a Dolceacqua… Valeria in sala e Fabrizio in cucina, un team imbattibile che rende CasaeBottega, piu che un ristorante, un centro benessere”

Carlo M. – Varese

“…la proprietaria, oltre a dare ottimi consigli sulla scelta del vino e tutto il resto, è simpatica e gentilissima”
“la titolare è molto antipatica”
“… veniamo accolti dalla signora Valeria, molto gentile e sorridente”
“proprietaria estrosa e affabile”
“guai a contraddire la proprietaria!”
“lasciatevi consigliare da Valeria, che è competente e disponibilissima. A noi ha persino fornito piantina e brochure del villaggio, materiale che tiene in un cassetto per chi trova chiuso l’ufficio turismo”
“proprietaria super maleducata!”


Per raggiungere certi livelli in cucina non bastano tecnica, materie prime e competenza, ma serve la PASSIONE. E nei piatti che ho assaggiato se ne sentiva la presenza”

Aldo, Bergamo

…lo chef ha indubbiamente un talento unico”

Sophie, Nice

Alcuni piatti potrebbero rivaleggiare con chef stellati”

Annamaria, Ivrea

Negozio di design e Ristorante

Lasciati ispirare e sfoglia la vasta selezione di oggetti di design in vendita a Casa e Bottega